Fight for Yourself

This post might be a little TMI for some, but I feel it is REALLY important for everyone (especially my female friends) to hear.  (See?  Whatever.) Wednesday I thought I started my period.  I had bad cramps and was bleeding so I didn't think much of it other than the timing was CRAP.  (Hello boyfriend …

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Hills Make Your Ass Look Good (Part 2)

The last time I wrote, I waxed philosophical about hills.  Physical hills, mental hills and emotional hills. I thought you would like to know how that worked out. I CLIMBED LOMBARD STREET.  ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP.  Well, my traveling companion and I did.  (Remember Fe'e?  He climbed it with me.)  All that training …

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Giving Up … Or Gaining Freedom?

As anyone knows, there are always many facets to making a HUGE life decision.  There are good points, bad points, points you think don't matter (then discover they do) and things you never thought of that someone points out to you. I am in the midst of looking at one of those HUGE life decisions. …

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