I Did A Thing

Hello my darling readers!  It has been a while, but you know me -- I only blog when the spirit moves me! As most of you know (and if you don't know, do you live under a rock?) I have been dedicating myself to running and improving myself through it.  I recently completed my first …

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Bay to Breaking Barriers

See what I did there?  Hahaha, I am SO clever!!!!!  Last August was a banner month for me.  I heard about the Bay to Breakers race over dinner at my friend Matt's parents' dinner table and got this CRAZY idea that I, who at that moment in time hadn't laced up my running shoes in …

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Hills Make Your Ass Look Good (Part 2)

The last time I wrote, I waxed philosophical about hills.  Physical hills, mental hills and emotional hills. I thought you would like to know how that worked out. I CLIMBED LOMBARD STREET.  ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP.  Well, my traveling companion and I did.  (Remember Fe'e?  He climbed it with me.)  All that training …

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